We install the latest IP CCTV systems from from Hikvision and Ubiquiti, scaling from single camera residential installs with smartphone remote monitoring to multi-camera ultra high definition surveillance systems for businesses spanning multiple sites.


Residential CCTV


With CCTV becoming ever more cost effective, its now possible to install professional grade equipment on your property without breaking the bank.

At Unity Systems we can customise your CCTV system to suit your budget, from analogue 2 megapixel cameras with a few days worth of recording time to the latest high definition 4K (8 megapixel) or higher cameras with recording times measured in months!

We always install your CCTV system discreetly, keeping cables to a minimum or completely hidden all while ensuring the optimum locations and angles to achieve the best image results.

All our installations feature FREE smartphone remote monitoring, so you can view your cameras from anywhere in the world.

Commercial CCTV 

Please contact us for commercial CCTV services.